Hello (or Moi moi)

Originally from Finland, lived abroad in Ireland and Australia working for Facebook. After 5+ years in advertising I decided to take a break to explore the world and finally write a book, something I have been postponing way too long.

Between 2017 and 2018 I spent 15 months travelling the world:
Camping in freezing cold Tasmania, living in the back of our "family mover" in New Zealand, driving almost 9,000km (that's 5592 miles for you special people), crossing rivers and sleeping on the top of our 1997 4WD in Australia, and finally backpacking through Mexico, Central- and South America. I documented some adventures in my travel blog you can find here.

Now I am focusing on writing that book (it’s climate fiction, called Cloud Valley, first draft will be ready soon!) and on occasional takes on humour writing - see published stories below!

I Don’t Want to Appoint More Women to Our Board Because I’m Afraid of Bob on Belladonna Comedy (published November 2018)

Read “How I Failed at Being a Gilmore Girl” on Points in Case (published September 2018)

My ode to Sims, 5 Ways to Kill a Sim, Or Your Mother-in-Law Because She Called Your Food ‘Too Salty’ on Robot Butt (published August 2018)

You can contact me on LinkedIn or via email.