The Beginning (and preparations: Camera gear)

The Beginning (and preparations: Camera gear)

It's official - we are leaving Australia and going traveling! Countdown is 4 weeks and first flights to Tasmania are booked.

I don't promise to document every step we take but I do intent to share as much as possible so it'll be easy to follow our journey across couple of continents.

Preparations so far have included:

- A practise back over the weekend. I was done in 30min while the other half took 3 hours. I will be carrying way too much stuff versus him who claims he'll survive with one jumper for 14 months. Ok.
- Buying more stuff. Next on the list: Get rid of old stuff.

But in all fairness I had to get a proper camera. One can't go on with iPhone panorama & Photoshop Auto Tone- function forever. I went with Panasonic Lumix 100 (LX100) based on the size and recommendations from a trusted source, dad. Since I didn't know anything about photography it's been couple of long nights learning about all the finer details about this travel companion.

I'm pretty sure first attempts I publish here will be fairly shit but at least then you see how you improve.

And now we'll start from the very bottom. Here's my camera (and globe from Jessica!). 
Photo taken by iPhone 7s, edited with Photoshop Auto Tone.