Santa Claus arrived (from Spain)

Santa Claus arrived (from Spain)

Every country has their own Christmas traditions and Netherlands doesn’t disappoint in this field. We went to see (with other excited kids) him arriving to Amsterdam on a steamboat with all his little helpers that look more like jokers than elves.

And this Santa, or Saint Nicholas, resides in Spain the rest of the year. Who wouldn’t? Much nicer than Lapland, temperature wise. And not as many blood-thirsty mosquitos.

And if you read this far you are probably wondering “what’s up with that book?” and the answer is: Very much is up. 290 pages much.


Part two will be ready this week, then “just” (haha, “just”) need to add chapters to the first part and edit it to match the brilliance of part 2 (my writing has gotten a lot better on the way) and write the final chapters. Then edit edit edit edit edit for about hundred times and it’s done. Sounds easy but isn’t. So, back to work now!