Goodbye Colombia, hello Argentina

After two months, our time in Colombia came to an end. In order to make it to the Southern Hemisphere and Patagonia we had to book flights to Argentina instead of going to Ecuador and continuing going down by looong bus rides.

First stop in Argentina/Brazil: Iguazu Falls. And thus my camera has hundreds of photos of roaring water.

One thing all the blogs tell you is that Argentinian side is better. We visited Brazil side first and thought that it can’t get better than that. It can. Argentina’s side rules.

You had to queue for the photo spots. What a pressure, didn't see any true bloggers trying to take hundred photos while others wait.

If that looks impressive (and I am not talking about a shirtless Richie), the Argentinian side takes it up a notch.

Train to take the tourists to the falls

Train to take the tourists to the falls

Random Mexican place in Argentina

Random Mexican place in Argentina

I feel like that is enough waterfall photos for a while. 

In our first hostel we also got to witness our second bed bug occasion. After last one (where I spotted the bugs before they got anywhere luckily) I have become an inspection-expert. Going through our bed frames I found eggs and old shells and once I lifted the top mattress, I could see the full-grown bastards crawling from the seams. Obviously the whole mattress was infested!

I have learned to listen in awe at the hostels' explanations once you confront them.

"They are the bugs that come out when it rains!" And live in the mattress?
"Oh I thought we had cleaned." Yeah sure you get rid of them by regular cleaning. Not.
"They can't travel from bed to bed." How did they get here?
"Those are mosquito bites." One hostel told a girl whose arms and back were full of nasty marks after one night at the hostel bed.

We got a private room (full of old shells as well but nothing alive) but of course they sold our beds to other people the next day. Luckily the people in the dorm told the girls and they complained as well. And only then they took the mattresses out!

I did inspections for couple other people in the dorm, should really start charging for this...

With warm regards,

Bed bug free Heini & Richie