"Have you licked the walls yet?"

"Have you licked the walls yet?"

One of the must-stops on a backpackers itinerary is a tour to the Salar de Uyuni - world's biggest salt flats. The popularity of this tour has not (weirdly) raised the standard of tour operators, it's almost the opposite. As everyone wants a piece of the lucrative business, there are a plethora of operators to choose from and you can get very lucky or very unlucky. Even the highest rated operators on Tripadvisor have the occasional hiccups - depending on the driver and your company - so it was quite the nightmare to try to pick which one we would go with.

Long story short - we got lucky in a sense that the driver was not drinking, drove well, accommodation was better than expected and the weather was awesome.

What really makes the experience are the views. During 1+ year traveling we've seen quite a bit but the scenery on these Bolivian highlands was something else entirely.

Enjoy a photo-diary of our three days adventure.

(And did you know that these salt flats hold majority of the world's lithium reserves? I bet Elon Musk is interested in this place!)

FIRST DAY - Laguna Blanca, Laguna Verde, Salvador Dali Desert, Thermal Springs, Sol de Mañana geothermal field (not geysirs, Wikipedia tells me), Laguna Colorada


SECOND DAY: Valle de Las Rocas (a lot of cool rocks)

Scene at the salt hotel:

One of our travel mates: "Have you licked the walls yet?"
Richie: "No mate, how was it?"
Him: "Salty!"

THIRD DAY: The unreal views of the salt flats and many unsuccessful perspective photos (should have done our research before the trip)

That's all folks!