Tasmania - Bruny Island

Tasmania is well known for the food and wine and all I had been able to think for a week was all the oysters I would eat in Bruny Island. I know - not exactly budget traveling but not something you could skip while being here.

Bruny Island is a short drive and a $33 return ferry ride away from Hobart. If you are in a rush remember to check the ferry schedules beforehand, we arrived just when there was a longer break and waited for 1,5 hours at the shore. 

The first stop (did I say oysters already?) on our journey was just a short scenic drive away. 

Get Shucked

A $50 dollar shared oyster plate and a glass of white wine is not exactly a backpacker experience but I am just in the beginning of my transformation. The interesting part here was Richie the seafood hater trying oysters for the first time. If you deep fry, smoke and add bacon to the mix it didn't seem to be an issue at all to savour half of the plate. Great success! My favourites are still the natural ones and can't wait for the next oyster stop at Tribuanna before going to Maria Island.

The Neck Lookout

As we wouldn't have time for the main walk today, we visited the Neck Lookout quickly. Couple of stairs up, wait for the short time window when there's no-one else in sight and pose for photos. This is the place for fairy penguin spotting during dusk and dawn and since it was neither, no penguins at this time.


Searching for our first temporary home

I have been using WikiCamps Australia to search for free camping spots. Free usually means no facilities, often even no toilet whatsoever. According to the app there was only one free spot in whole of Bruny Island, at Cloudy Bay, South Island. It was fairly easy to find and had just one stop for a tent available. It's getting to a low season now and it was a Wednesday night so I can just imagine how busy the free spots must be during summer.

This was our first night camping, what a remarkable day!

  • 8th of April we learned that it might be nice to have a table and chairs to cook and eat instead of kneeling down and enjoying a snug bread while standing.
  • We also learned how cold exactly it is to sleep in a tent in autumn. Doable but not exactly enjoyable.
  • Our day rhythm was reset, going to bed at 7.30pm and waking up at 5-6am is now how we roll.
Sunset at Cloudy Bay, Bruny Island

Sunset at Cloudy Bay, Bruny Island

Controlled fires can be seen across Tasmania. Cloudy Bay, Bruny Island.

Controlled fires can be seen across Tasmania. Cloudy Bay, Bruny Island.

Day 2 at Bruny Island

After some "standing oats, weetabix and coffee" we packed our car again and took off to Adventure Bay and our first proper hike. The drive from Cloudy Bay to Adventure Bay went through the middle of the South Island climbing high in the middle of the forest and was definitely an enjoyable journey.

Fluted Cape Walk

This track was said to take 2,5-3 hours, for us it took exactly two with a lot of photo stops and without a lunch break at the top. I'd definitely walk this counter-clockwise as the climb to the cape has awesome views and would be a bit more challenging coming down than the other way. We spotted plenty of wallabies on the way but did not see the famous white one!


Bruny Island Berry Farm

After the hike we had earned our second food experience, fresh berries and pancakes. 


This was Bruny Island for us! Next up would be a 2 hour drive to Mt. Field National park for our next lovely camping spot and another cold night..