We are officially on the road! Saying goodbyes was difficult but quickly moving from place to another and trying to stay alive in free camping spots with a tent in 9 degrees (more on this amateur camping journey later..) takes your mind of sunny Sydney and all the fun people are having in Bondi.

Arriving to Hobart

Tip 1: Bus from the airport to the city centre is $19 one-way - not ideal for a couple of cheap budget travellers like us. Find a person to share an Uber with you an boom, saved at least six dollars!

Gearing up

As we are here only for 2 weeks, we didn't want to buy/rent a camper van. Regular car and tent it is. However cooking equipment and basic camping stuff was badly needed and since the Hobart city centre only hosts the more expensive shops a 20min we started our roadtrip with a drive to outlet hub and Anaconda store. Also because we are pro-campers after all, we spent (the best investment ever made) $35 for a duvet and pillows in Target.

Shop list (aka "Could have brought a lot of this with us from Sydney):

- Cooker
- Propane bottles
- Knives, forks, spoons
- Bowls
- 1 cup
- Big pot, small pot, pan
- Tongs
- Lighter
- Washing stuff
- Esky from Gumtree

Master Chef camping edition

Master Chef camping edition

After all the shopping the four person car had room for only two people and time spent searching for stuff among the mess was guaranteed to take a significant portion of any breaks we'd take.

And then we were off to our first destination - Bruny Island. Eat all the Oysters!